LIID (Laboratoire d’Ingénierie d’IDées) was born of the desire to explore the link between Art and Knowledge, at the crossroads of conceptual art, artistic and theoretical research, and the rise of the immaterial economy paradigm (90’s). 


This means:

1/ Addressing the aesthetic dimension and forms of knowledge, and creating intermediary formats (diagrams, installations and heuristic devices, lecture-performances, art labs, future labs, methods, protocols, etc.) exhibited, published or used in collaborations. See images below.


2/ Producing viewpoints, concepts and knowledge around creations (e.g. with the IMAGE Lab) or more broadly on the contemporary world transformation and the future. See publications and conferences.


3/ Questioning the aesthetic dimensions and test collaborations with organizations (companies, collectives, cities, universities, political parties, cultural institutions, research centers, etc.) that are also immaterial forms. See page dedicated to LIID Future Lab.