International Times, 78 Lyndhurst Way, Londres, 2007

International Times: New Works of Art by Young Foreign Artists, 2007.

78 Lyndhurst Way, Peckham, London.

Group show curator: Hannah Barry


Artists: Adelita Husni Bey, Raphaele Bidault-Waddington, Asta Kalpokaite, Henrik Lindal, Konsta Huusko, Konstantina Kapanidou, Marcus Kleinfeld, Marta Pierobon, Neil Farber, Riccardo Del Conte, Sasha Vinci, Grit Richter, Fu Deng, Renata Pasel, Michael Conrads.


Exhibited works: 3 pieces from the textile series Red-Blue-White (variable dimensions); 3 diagrams Aesthetic Intelligence Yield, Black & White Dilemma and Offer-Demand (60 x 80 cm each); 3 collages from the series Titles (40 x 60 cm each); and documentation on RBW’s labs.




Ironically curated as a fake biennale in a South London squat, the exhibition shows the latest work of young international artists. Cultivating a similar irony and despite her bi-national name, RBW presents a fake group show of her various art labs, called “French Labels”.

“French Labels” is supported by the French Institute in London.


Story of 78 Lyndhurst Way squat (now Hannah Barry gallery):

Diagrams, Group show