LIID Future Lab : Special projects and soft power

Shaping the Future with Art, is it not an Ideal?!


Created in 2000, LIID Future Lab (ex-Laboratoire d’Ingénierie d’IDées / Idea Engineering Lab) is a platform to design special projects, multidimensional art and future labs. It mixes formats such as ideas, diagrams, poetical and theoretical analysis, speculation, disruptive or future vision, research groups, creative methodology and pedagogy, workshops (including photographic performances in the public space), installations, exhibitions, narrations, publications and/or conferences.

These labs (some of them confidential) are held in artistic, academic, economic and urban contexts and help hybridize these spheres of transformation of the world.





2017-18: Lab to design future scenarios for Arles Trans-region, Luma Days #1 and #2, LUMA Foundation.

2011-18: Series of labs about the future of cities, campuses, urban resilience and social and urban innovation (weak-signal method), Peclers Future Trends, Paris.

2017-18: Future of Factories and Fabrication Lab, Cycle National, IHEST (Ministry of Research and Higher Education).

2017-18: Cultural and Urban Innovation Lab, Citynove – Groupe Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

2013-14: Montevideo Experimental, Making the Future with Art Lab, Territorial Prospective Laboratory, Architecture Faculty, Republica University, Montevideo, Uruguay, in partnership with creative community mobilization, cycle of conferences, project design and incubation workshops, open-lab sessions.

2012-13: Mesopolis, Invention of an Ecosophical Urban Utopia Lab, Tales Magazine, and exhibition at Atelier Martel Architecture, Paris.

2009-11: Creative Territories Lab, Science-Po and Datar, Paris.

2005: Urban Design Lab, Shanghai World Expo 2010 “Better City Better Life”, Tong Ji University, Shanghai (idea implemented: “Urban Best Practice Area”).

2003-04: Esthetic Audit and Future Projection of Christiania (free-town of Copenhagen) Lab, Denmark, awarded in a governmental urban design competition and followed by conferences and publications.






2015-19: Action Shooting Lab, performative urban photography experiment, Paris College of Art, Paris, 2015, and Casa93, St Ouen, 2017-19.

2018-19: Station Lisch, Asnières (Greater Paris) Lab, innovative urban project design for the “Reinvent the Metropolis” open-call, with Soferim Real Estate, Arcas Architects and Land’Act Landscape.

2008-18: Paris Galaxies, a Vision for the Greater Paris Lab, artistic and prospective research, hosted at ACTE (Art, Creation, Theory, Aesthetics) Institute, Sorbonne (in partnership with Paris College of Art, the Paris 2030 research grant, City of Paris, and a pool of other schools), including a series of research workshops and the publication of a design fiction book Paris Ars Universalis, Fiction Scenario of a Future Greater Paris (in French), Avant-Garde Collection, L’Harmattan publishing, 2017.

2016: Creative Urban Lab, Grand Paris Aménagement, Paris.

2013-16:  Rouen Art-Based Urban Lab, International Master of Science in Art Management, NEOMA Business School, Rouen: cycle of conferences, future oriented and project design workshops, open-lab sessions in partnership with local stakeholders (Harbor, City, Maison de l’Architecture, etc.).

2015-16: Future of the creative city and design of urban project Lab as part of “Réinventing La Seine” open-call, Athem-Skertzo, Paris.

2015: Grand Paris Future Lab (horizon 2165), research program and trans-disciplinary pedagogic experiment with Master students and PhD candidates of HESAM academic pole, with LAA (Laboratory Architecture and Anthropology) Paris La Villette Architecture School, CNAM Prospective Studies Dept., Atelier International du Grand Paris, Palais de Tokyo. Open-lab sessions with experts in future-oriented studies and scientific journalists. Website:

2015: #CartoCamp x Paris Galaxies Lab, Fonderie de l’Image Campus, Grand Paris: interface and UX Design research for the Paris Galaxies platform.

2014-15: Paris Galaxies Future Lab, design thinking research of an online collaborative map and platform, inspired by the Commons economic models, to empower the creative constellations (places and communities) of the metropolis, Design Management Dept., Paris College of Art, Paris.

2012-13: Future Cities / Paris Galaxies Lab, Parsons School Paris (Critical Studies Dept., dir. Vivian Rehberg): cycle of workshops, exhibitions and conferences.

2008: Paris Galaxy Lab, urban conceptual model and information mapping design, 1st bank of ideas and future scenarios,



LABS RELATED TO THE DIGITAL TRANSITION (Art, Design, Science, Economy, Post-truth, AI, etc.) 


2017-19: Alien Cosmologies and Future of Artificial Intelligence Lab, Peclers future trend, 2017, Duperré Design School, Telecom Paris Tech University, 2018, Muzeum Susch, Switzerland, 2018.

2015-19: Machination Lab, theory-fiction experiment, Corner College, Zurich, 2015, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University, 2016,, 2016-18.

2010-19: Polygon Lab, “polygonal” research around LIID’s recurrent prospective topics: aesthetic experience and intelligence, capitalism transformation and the democratic enterprise, urban conceptual and future models, and Whole Earth / the Republic of Images; various exhibitions The Incidental Person (after John Latham), Apex Art, New York, 2010, Mental Matter, Espace d’En Bas, Paris, 2011, Semiospace, Corner College, Zurich, 2014, Clinamen publishing and Forde gallery, Geneva, 2016, Paris Ars Universalis, Avant Garde collection, l’Harmattan publishing, 2017.

2018-19: Future, Science, Transition and Innovation Lab for the 80th anniversary of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), CNRS National Delegation, Paris.

2015-19: Creatives Industries and Lab Culture Lab, annual program (2 days), Montpellier Business School.

2018: Cinema, Feminism and Social Innovation Lab, Wildbunch Films, Paris.

2012-18: Futur(s) Lab (250 pages yearly publication), Peclers Future Trends, Paris. Annual prospective study about global socio-cultural trends. Main topics: evolution of gender and identity codes, wellbeing, environment, collaborative economy and work, cultural globalization and togetherness, relation to space and time, quest for meaning and transcendence, new frontiers of science and technologies.

2016-17: Soft Power of Fashion Lab, Cycle National executive program, IHEST (Ministry of Research and Higher Education), Paris.

2000-2015: PIIMS (Petite Industrie de l’IMage Sensorielle) and the Republic of Images Lab, research-creation, architecture and value of images, data-sphere, French Institute of Architecture, Paris Project Room, Colette, Parc de la Villette, Magazine ®, Marges academic publication (Paris 8 University), 2005, Nuke review (art), 2006, Chronic’art magazine, 2006, Pylône Review (philosophy, literature and art), Brussels, 2010, Tales Magazine, 2009-10, Cahiers Européens de l’Imaginaire, CNRS publishing, 2015.

2013: Fooding and New Afro Imaginary, Cape and Cape, Paris.

2012: The Outlier Initiative Lab, alternative organizations and social innovation research program, Design Management Dept., Aalto University, Helsinki and Institute for The Future, Palo Alto, California.

2011-14: Perspective / Aesthetic Audit of Organizations Lab, annual program, Neoma Business School, Rouen, France.

2011: Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation Lab, Aalto University, Helsinki: International board and steering committee member, introduction of art and international artists in the program.

2009-11: Vision (art, architecture, ideas, literature) Lab, editorial direction, 8 issues,

2010: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Lab, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Luxemburg.

2009: Y Generation and Organizational Transformation Lab, IT academic research program, Paris Sud University and Cigref, Paris.

2007: Mobility and Multiculturalism Lab, Style-Vision and Lexus, France.

2006: Future Inspiration Lab, Center for Molecular Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden.

2005: Cosmetic and Aesthetic Experiences Lab, E-Mergences and Chanel Cosmetics, Paris.

2003: Air de Paris Reality Show Lab, aesthetic audit prototype, Air de Paris gallery, Paris.