TAC#4: AI x Feminism, Muzeum Susch, Disputaziune #2, 2018

Conference “AI x Feminism, a mixed feeling thought experiment”

Keynote at Disputaziune #2, Muzeum Susch (Switzerland), 2018

Images: conference program and photomontages used in the conférence

Program of the conference on Muzeum Susch website.


This conference is part of the lab “Toward Alien Cosmologies (TAC), prospective of an anthropological reset”, developed by RBW since 2017.



For its second Disputaziune, Muzeum Sush (near Davos in Switzerland) invited RBW to present on one hand her art practice and research plateform LIID Future Lab, and on the other hand, her researches on the future of AI and alien cosmologies, with a gender-oriented prism.

The conference includes elements of research coming from design fiction experiences on the future of AI made with design students at Duperré School in Paris, and with researchers from Forecast Laboratory at Paris Tech University in 2018.

Conference, Photomontages