Artistic CV

A multifaceted artist, 360° researcher, author and futurist, Raphaële Bidault-Waddington create art-based and future research laboratories and collaborate with structures in France and abroad (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, UK, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Georgia, Iran, Dubai, China)


Some labs are more formal, others more conceptual or collaborative, but each follows a specific exploratory orientation, and can experiment collaborations between each other’s or with other structures.

Due to this way of working, exhibitions (listed below) are sporadic.


See also her ecosystem presentation, publications and conferences.


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Solo Shows



Space-Image, Atelier Martel Architecture, Paris.


Toward Alien Cosmologies, prospective of an anthropological reset, HiFlow, Geneva.


Semiospace, a Spaced-Out Artistic Experiment, exhibition, conference and book launch, Forde gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.

Grand Paris Future Lab, performative installation and collaborative research program, with Paris La Villette School of Architecture, CNAM Prospective Studies Dept., Centre Michel Serres, Atelier International du Grand Paris, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France. Dedicated website:


Semiospace, exhibition and conference-performance (with Sylvain Menétrey), Corner College, Zurich, Switzerland. Curator: Stefan Wagner.


Mesopolis, Atelier Martel Architecture, Paris, France.


Paris Galaxies, a Vision for the Grand Paris, Paris College of Art (ex-Parsons School Paris), Paris, France.

Mental Matter II, Silencio Club, Paris, France.


Mental matter, Espace d’En Bas gallery, Paris, France. Curator: Jean-Louis Chapuis


Exposition Universelle (Shanghai World Expo), France Fiction gallery, Paris, France.


Red-Blue-White, France Fiction gallery, Paris, France.


White Noise, Surface to Air, Paris, France.


Volatil- Volatile-Volatility, Paris Project Room gallery, Colette Boutique and Magazine ®, Paris, France.


Zone of Aesthetic Intelligence, open studio, Paris, France.


Group Shows



Anticipated Worlds Festival, Cité of Sciences and Industries, La Villette, Paris.

Tomorrow & Elsewhere, The Film Gallery, Paris. Curator: +/- L’Epicerie.


Manifesta, parallel event to Donate to Curate, Zurich, Switzerland. Curator: Stefan Wagner

The Green Chill Project, Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris, France.


Artes Mechanicaes, Spooky Action at a Distance, Corner College, Zurich, Switzerland. Curator: Dimitrina Sevova and Gabriel Gee.


Cities Methodologies, exhibition and conference, Urban Lab, Slade Research Center,University College London, London, Grande-Bretagne.


The Incidental Person (after John Latham), Apex Art gallery, New York, USA. Curator: Antony Hudek (with Barbara Stieveni, Gianni Motti, Luca Frei, Will Holder, Harrell Fletcher, Eric Steen, Jason Zimmerman, etc.).


International Times: New Works of Art by Young Foreign Artists, 78 Lyndhurst, Peckham, London, UK. Curator: Hannah Barry


Building and Breaking: Drawing in Pencil, 78 Lyndhurst, Peckham, London, UK. Curator: Hannah Barry


Talking Cures, the Discursive as Heuristic Medium, MOCA MAAS/Hedah Art Center, Maastricht, Netherland. Curator: Antony Hudek (with Gianni Motti, Falke Pisano, Olivier Foulon, Inga Zimprich, L. Pozzi).

The Force of Art / la Triennale I, The Uncertain Laboratory, Grand Palais, Paris, France. Curator: Hou Hanru. Contribution to the Donnant/Donnant project by Antonio Gallego and Jean-Louis Chapuis.


France-China Presidential Program, Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile de France, Paris, France.


L’atelier de Peirécie, Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture, France. Curator: Cécile Paris and Jean-Louis Chapuis

Christiania, Over Gaden Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.


My Small Company, Contemporary Art Center, Meymac, France. Curator: Caroline Bissière and Jean-Paul Blanchet (with Mattieu Mercier, Atelier Von Lieshout, NE Thing, Yann Toma/Ouest Lumière, Andrea Crews, Readymades belong to everyone, Gille Mahé, Soussan Ltd, etc.).

Summer Stage Program, “Feed-Back” Festival, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France. Curator: Frédéric Mazelly


PING Festival, Espace Console, Paris, France. Curator: Muriel Colin-Barant. With: Latifa Eckchach,


Inside Out,  Home Sweet Home program, I.F.A, Paris, France. Curator: Fiona Meadows


+/- L’Epicerie #3, cornershop, Paris. Curator: Jean-Louis Chapuis.






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