Semiospace 2, Forde gallery, Geneva, 2016

Semiospace 2, solo show, Forde gallery, Geneva, 2016.


Conference on October 27th for the book launch of Semiospace, a spaced-out artistic experiment in collaboration with curator Sylvain Menétrey.


Exhibited works: Pencil drawing series – Mental Geographies (2012), diagram – Semiospace (2014-16), diagram – Polygon Program (2010), diagram – Paris Galaxies Conceptual Model (2009), sound piece – Blind Spot (2012-16), slideshow – Semiospace (2014-16).


Press release

Semiospace is the hypothetical group show of a single artist that transforms into a conference, a performance, a diagram, and now a book, the publication of which we are celebrating with a new display and a live presentation. The polysemic concert expands, folding and unfolding. It serves as a working methodology and becomes an evolutive installation. Its generative dynamics slowly reveal its holistic ambition, drifting towards the chaos of the cosmos. Is the aim to read the signs of the universe and organize them into fictional models and alternative realities? Or is it to design discursive spaces to travel deeper into the mind?


Book launch event program on October 27:

« Sémiospace, Raphaële Bidault-Waddington and the theory of All », Sylvain Menétrey, curator and author, co-director of Forde gallery, Geneva.

« Semioscape, Paris Galaxies, Polygon », Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, artist, author, founder of LIID Future Lab (Laboratoire d’ingénierie d’iDées), Paris.

« Asteroid Sign, read before writing », Lucas Cantori, (artist, author, co-founder of Clinamen publishing).

Contribution to scenography: Kevin Gotkovsky, double-table (plywood, car paint), 2016.

Semiospace, A Spaced-Out Artistic Experiment, book by Sylvain Menétrey and Raphaële Bidault-Waddington for sale, launching price: 25 CHF.
Forde gallery website.

Book available online at Les Presses Du Réel.

Book pdf available on Clinamen Publishing website.

Diagrams, Solo show