Lab Machination, special project, 2015-19

Lab Machination, special project, 2015-19



A story with a thousand and one layers, Machination is a theory-fiction experiment based-on and weaving together art experiments produced by Raphaele Bidault-Waddington in her labs since 2000. 



Among the many artworks inserted in the narrative: Datatopia diagram, 2018.

Rag bright white pigment inkjet print on mat paper, 60 x 80 cm. Edition of 12 + 3 artist copies.


Research steps: 


2018: Machination #4: a Story of Raphaele Bidault-Waddington between Science and Fiction (in French), Science & Fiction research seminar (dir: philosopher Manuela de Barros), Contemporary Art Dept., Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University.


2016-18: Machination #3 (in French), theory-fiction experiment in eight episodes,, 2016-18. See below.


2016: Machination #2, conference in Second Fictions colloquium, ACTE Institute (Art, Creation, Theory, AEsthetics), Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, 2016.


2015: Machination #1 or the Spectrum of the Invisible Hand, conference-performance, Corner College, Zurich, 2015. Curator: Dimitrina Sevova. Assistant: Caroline Palla.




Overview of Machination #3, in 8 episodes (in French), text and photomontages,, 2016-18


Episode 1: Setting the Stage

Taking shots in the city was perhaps a way of cultivating the “architect’s eye” as they say, with close attention to details, volumes and perspectives, but at the same time it was still something else…


Episode 2: Urban Performance

What I observe, in this closed architectural environment, seems like a poetic and enigmatic presence.


Episode 3: Running-off the Road

What was actually going on was the process of effiction, the production of an effect of fiction, that we are just now trying to de-articulate.


Episode 4: The world of Images

A few years back, an imbroglio came about because of the Quarks protocol, a new and very successful poetic composition of images methodology improvised by the Figure-Masters.


Episode 5: Speculative Bubble

Still immersed in his daydreaming experiment, Adam had the impression of visiting his inner-space, his neural landscape, his cognitive vortex as expressed by Maurice G. Dantec, whose insane writings he had recently discovered.


Episode 6: Shadow Cabinet

Now dwelling on the case of Paris and on the verge of entering the galaxy of the Greater Paris, he knew that photography was not an appropriate means to document these spaces but rather a way to carry them into fiction.


Episode 7: Retro-prospective lab

And when the last file emerged, a simple, perfectly readable text entitled “Paris Ars Universalis”, everyone nearly fainted…


Episode 8: The Invisible Hand

In the spirit of the Storytellers, Mesopolis and Mundus Imaginalis, we instilled the presence of a hypothetical Sheherazade, who re-feeds the cognitive exploration process of the IAs…

Diagrams, Photomontages, Publications