Conferences on the future, on contemporary world transformation and on both the digital and environmental transitions and their ecosystemic implications…

Some conferences take a performative dimension in artistic contexts.






2023: In search of a temporal resilience (for organizations and for the city), inspirational keynote for CDC Habitat, Learning Planet Insitute, Paris.

2023: Mesopolis, designing urban, artistic and resilient utopias, performative conference, in session “Should we trust artist to be world-builders?”, Forum Change Now, Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris.

2023: From Chanel to the Greater Paris: Researching the Future through Art, Foresight Talks webinar series, IFTF (Institute For The Future), Palo Alto, USA.

2023: Art and Cities, roundtable, Atelier Martel Architecture, Paris. As part of Espace-Image exhibition.

2023: Designing Art-Based Future Labs (incl. urban labs), keynote, Labour Digital conference, ZhDK, Zurich.

2022: Introducing an Art-Based and Future Research Ecosystem (incl. urban labs), A2RU Webinar Series, University of Michigan, USA.

2022: The Contribution of Artistic Ecosystems to Urban Resilience, keynote, HiFlow, Geneva.

2022: Future of Cities, conceptual models, imaginaries and methods, Speculative Design Paris conference, Leonard (Vinci Group), Paris.

2022: Panorama of Environmental, Demographic and Digital Transitions, and Museums’ Future Challenges, masterclass, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire (MAH), Geneva.

2022: Art Labs and Future Labs as powerful Learning Experience (including territorial benefits), Masterclass, Learning Planet Festival.

2021: Fostering Resilient Co-Learning and Creative Ecosystems in the City, in Re-imagining Cities in the Anthropocene panel, Knowledge Cities World Summit 2021.

2021: Mesopolis Lab, designing new future imaginaries of urban and territorial resilience, 4th international Symposium ICHT (Imaginer: Construire et Habiter la Terre) /    Megalopolises, metropolises, towns in the countryside, shrinking towns: what “imaginary world” for the city of tomorrow?

2021: How foresight can support innovation and territorial resilience: 3 perspectives, Transitions Day, HiFlow, Geneva.

2021: The Art of Designing Future Labs (for cities), Foresight and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Symposium, XXII April International Conference on Economic and Social Development, HSE University, Moscow.

2021: Designing future labs and innovative foresight methodologies, guest speaker, Foresight and Innovation Master, CNAM, Paris.

2020: Rebuilding our Relation to the Future (and the role of third spaces), inaugural keynote, HiFlow, Geneva.

2020: Designing a Covid-19 Resilience strategy and other future research experiments, UNESCO webinar Transforming Future # 8 “Futurists on the Covid19 pandemic shock”.

2020: Covid-19: an EU Resilience Strategy and Marshall Plan, keynote, webinar Disruptors Talk #2, EU Joint Research Center, Brussels.

2020: Paris Ars Universalis, keynote in “The perennial and temporary in the urban fabric. The role of major contemporary sporting and cultural events” colloque, LAVUE Laboratory, Paris la Villette Architecture School.

2019: Creative Ecosystems and New Tourism Approaches, Expert Conference, IREST, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University.

2019: Designing Creative and Inclusive Hubs, Future of Social Centers Forum, Paris.

2019: Future of the Greater Paris in 4 Methodological Experiments, keynote, Prospective Lab, Futuribles International, Paris.

2019: Occupy the Sky, some design fiction experiments, in Garden The Sky Water International Symposium, Art-Science Chair, Ecole Polytechnique, and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

2018: Anthropocene, Territorial Resilience, Transition, Urban Innovation… and If All These Challenges were a Matter of Hospitality, Keynote, Soferim seminar, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

2018: The City as an Open-Lab, keynote, Soferim seminar, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

2018: A Resilient Urban Future between the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolutions, FabCity Summit, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

2018: Opening the City: The Power of Networks, curation, casting of guest experts and moderation of a round-table, for the City Observatory, Toguna, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

2018: Hospitality and Resilience: Four Future Scenarios for the Trans-Region of Arles Keynote, Luma Days #2, Luma Arles Foundation, France.

2018: The Soft-Power of Creative Labs on the Public Space, Future of Public Space conference, GDI Future think-tank, Zurich.

2017: Five Future Scenarios for the Bioregion of Arles put into Perspective Keynote, LUMA Days #1, LUMA Arles Foundation, France.

2017: Paris Galaxies, Paris Ars Universalis, Possible Futures for the Greater Paris Metropolis, Mobility History seminar (dir. Mathieu Flonneau), Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.

2017: Paris Ars Universalis from a digital humanities perspective, discussion with philosopher Manuela des Barros, Agnès B gallery, Paris.

2015: Paris Galaxies, a Future of the Greater Paris Metropolis by its Creative Constellations (places and communities), in New Local Frameworks for Global Cities seminar, Scientific Committee, Atelier International du Grand Paris, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

2014: Paris Galaxies: The Role of Creative Constellations in Sustainable Urban Development, Green Cities Summit, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris Marne-La-Vallée.

2014: Paris Galaxies: The Making of a New Metropolitan Imaginary, in the 3I’s (Institution, Identity, Imaginary) of the Greater Paris Conference, Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme de Paris.

2014: Montevideo Experimental Lab, a Critical Analysis, World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities, Paris Sud University, Paris.

2014: Paris Galaxies in Perspective, Aesthetic Audit Critical Report, 3rd International Conference on Cultural and Creative Industries, Urban Development and Knowledge Institutions, Antwerp University and Utrecht Universities, Antwerp Belgium.

2014: Waiting for the Station, waiting for the Greater Paris, in Stations Mirroring the Urban seminar, LATTS (LAboratory Technics, Territories and Society) – LVMT (Laboratory Ville/City, Mobility and Territories), Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, Gare & Connection, Paris.

2013: Paris Galaxies, a Future Lab for the Greater Paris, in Art, Design and Imaginaries research day (with guest philosopher: Jean-Jacques Wunenburger), Paris College of Art, Paris.

2013: Paris Galaxies, a New Approach to the Creative City, 8th World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Cities, Regions and Communities, World Bank, Paris.

2012: Paris Galaxies, a Vision for the Greater Paris, in Scaling Up symposium (Art, Design et Economy), Designers Days, Paris College of Art (ex-Parsons School Paris), and ACTE (Art, Creation, Theory, AEsthetics) Institute, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.

2010: Toward Creative Urban Strategies, 5th World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Cities, Regions and Communities, World Bank, Paris.






2023: Innovating at the crossroads of Artistic and Future Research, Innovation & Foresight Master, CNAM, Paris.

2023: Giving Meaning to Training in a World in Transitions, inspirational keynote, CNAV (National Pension Fund) learning expedition, Learning Planet Institute, Paris.

2023: Giving Meaning to Training in a World in Transitions, inspirational keynote, SIACI St Honoré learning expedition, School Lab, Paris.

2023: Artistic Research For Future Challenges, roundtable organized by A2RU (Alliance for Artistic Research in Universities, USA), Learning Planet Festival (online).

2022: Plural Futures: Why and How to Explore the Future, keynote, High Level Conference Program, INSEEC Schools Group, Paris.

2022: Science-Fiction and Metaverse, speculative discussion around Ready Player One (Spielberg), Festival des Mondes Anticipés, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris.

2022: Exploring Time Multi-dimensionality via an Artistic and Polygonal Research Approach, PRIMER 2022 Global Conference, online.

2022: The Future as a Moving Panorama: Introducing a Futurescaping Canvas to Support Pedagogy, Inclusion and Complexity Management, in Futures From the Margins, Science-Fiction Research Association International Conference, University of Oslo, Norway.

2022: Toward Alien Cosmologies: Designing Eco-systemic Perspectives for the Anthropocene, in Exploring Next, Association of Professional Futurists Global Virtual Conference.

2022: New Philosophies, New Foresight Perspectives, Ethics and Philosophy of Futures #5 (curated by Sylvia Galluser and Chris Mayer), Association of Professional Futurist, USA.

2021: Critical thinking at the frontier of art and foresight, in “The Openness of Futures”, 24th World Future Studies Federation Conference, Berlin.

2021: Foresight for Responsible Leadership, guest speaker, executive program, Les Echos group.

2021: Critical future topics at the frontier of Art and Innovation, Off-Shore School in Shanghai (run by Paul Devautour), ENSBA / ARTEM University, Nancy.

2021: Designing future labs, Artificial Intelligence seminar, Digital Humanities Institute, Cergy University, Paris.

2021:  Open-lab session on post-human future, World Future Day, Millenium Project, USA.

2020: The Strength of Weak Signals, open-lab with corporate guest, UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit.

2020: Art x Futures: Speculative bubbles and expanding horizons, in Blended Futures: Learning from Art, Design, Urban Design, Science-Fiction & Algorithmics to renew foresight practices”, Foresight Journal panel, UNESCO Future Literacies Summit (virtual).

2020: Beyond Scenarios, Foresight and Future Literacies Innovations, UNESCO Future Literacies Summit.

2020: Designing creative foresight methodologies, Collaborate 2020 virtual conference, Association of Professional Futurists.

2020: Prototyping a future conceptual canvas of the AI era (V4 – with conceptual diagram, Prototyping Futures Winter Symposium, Cybiosis: Shaping Human-Technology Futures study circle, Nordic Summer University, Diffrakt – Centre for Theoretical Periphery, Berlin.

2019: Exploring the Future in a Transition Era, masterclass, France Television University, Paris.

2019: Future of Work, conference and open-lab, Food for Thought Session, NUMA Paris.

2018: AI x Feminism, a Mixed Feeling Thought Experiment Keynote, Disputaziune #2 “Do They Dream of Electronic Sheeps” (Curator: Mareike Dittmer), Muzeum Susch, Switzerland.

2018: Machination #4: A Story of Raphaële Bidault-Waddington between Science and Fiction, in Science & Fiction seminar (dir. philosopher Manuela de Barros), Department of Visual Arts, Paris 8 University.

2018: Digital Transition Impact on Identities and the Rise of New Afro Imaginaries, Adicom Days, French Institute, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

2017: Art-Based Future Research, aesthetic intelligence and other fringe theories from LIID Future Lab, 12th International Conference on the Arts in Society, American University of Paris, Common Ground Research Networks, and ACTE Institute, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.

2017: Paris Ars Universalis and the Future of Digital Humanities, discussion with philosopher Manuela de Barros, Agnès B gallery, Paris.

2017: Aesthetic Intelligence Experiments and New Frontiers, Design for Next 2017 conference, European Academy of Design, Architecture Faculty, Sapienza University, Roma.

2016: Machination 2, in Secondary Fictions International Conference, Fiction-Interaction laboratory, ACTE Institute, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.

2015: Machination, or the Invisible Hand’s Spectrum, interactive conference, Corner College, Zurich.

2014: Artistic Figures and Metaphors, REWU round-table, Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

2013: Transformation of Art, Transformation of the World, New Worlds Forum, France Business School.

2011: Can Art Change the World? Keynote and round-table during Remaking Society Forum, Republic of Ideas, Maison de la Culture, Grenoble, France.

2011: From bio models to the design of living models, Art as an in vivo laboratory, Art & Biodiversity International Conference, Perspectives and Prospective, Montparnasse Museum, Paris.

2011: Introduction to Art-based Research and Innovation, keynote, Collège des Hautes Etudes en Développement Durable (Sustainable Development institute), Ecole Centrale / ESCP, Paris.

2011: Introduction to Art-based Research and Innovation, 6th World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Cities, Regions and Communities, World Bank, Paris.

2010: Goodwill, Artistic, Urban and Economic Research Ecosystem, Off-Shore Art School (led by artist Paul Devautour), Shanghai, China.

2010: Artists’ News Economic Models, round-table, Le 100, Paris, France.

2009: The Value of Art-based Research in Territorial Innovation, in Creative Territories seminar, Science-Po School, Datar, Paris, France.

2009: Learning from Art to Manage Creativity, in Human Resources Management World Conference, Etisalat Academy, Dubai.

2009: Designing companies dedicated to Art, New-York University Paris, in partnership with Art & Flux research chair, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University, France.

2009: Art and corporate purpose, Alternative Management Dept., HEC Business School, Paris, France.

2009: Prototyping artful companies, innovation and prospective Master, CNAM, Paris, France.

2006: Future Inspiration Keynote, CMM Day, Center for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.