“Volatil-Volatile-Volatility”, Paris Project Room and Colette, 2001


a furtive exhibition in three appearances:


Paris Project Room, 19 rue de l’Echiquier, Paris 10e: from Nov 30th to Dec 4th, 2001

Colette shop window, 213 rue St Honoré, Paris 1er: from Nov 22nd to Dec 1st, 2001

Magazine ®  review: Issue #12 – Dec-Jan.


Exhibited works:

PPR / Poetico-Speculative Bubble, immersive installation, 800 photographs, disco-ball, white spot, black neons, spatialized soundtrack (see playlist below), approx. 18 sqm.

– Colette window / Volatile, modular installation (4 versions during the exhibition), 99 photographs laminated on aluminium, mirror modules, mixed media, h3 x l2,5 x p1,5m.

– Magazine ® / Volatility story, photomontage series on 3 double-pages. See publication.


Press release extract

This series of artwork is about exploring the second temporality of the image, not the time when the photograph is taken, but rather its echo, the ambiguous moment when the photograph becomes an abstract figure like a music sample or a fabric pattern, a resonance wave at variable modulated frequency, through which the spectator enters a paradoxical and autonomous sphere.

The implicit volatility of those variable tempo(ralitie)s, enables cohabitation of both the idea of a flight toward a mathematical hereafter, and the one of a fall, as a call for aesthetic discernment and vision.

The Poetico-speculative sphere defines a context of potential variability, with complex and sometimes frivolous or occult parameters; in this context, Volatile is an unstable incarnation that generates a new poetic yield for each temporary posture; while the series of photos in Magazine highlight one of the numerous potential scenarios intrinsic to this volatile and voluble sphere.


In phase with the research of the philosopher Jean-Joseph Goux, RBW explores what she calls the “Value-Image”, emerging from the aesthetic inter-relation of time and context. Thanks to her experience working on Capital Markets, she creates a parallel between imagery, economic signs and language: images, words and economic values stand as three systems of abstraction of reality, whose autonomous lives also participate in reality.


Maxence Alcalde, « Je crois en Dieu et je crois dans le marché ». Prophétisme économique et rationalisme artistique », Marges, 08 | 2008, 33-50.




Ambiant Soundtrack  (approx 50mn):

Back sound :

– «Auscultation et percussion» – K. Holldack & K. Gahl

Front sound :

– «Le temps arrêté» – BO «Peau d’Ane» de Jacque Demi

– «Radioland» – Kraftwerk

– «Minus one» – Broadcast

– «Temple of Gloom» – Kid Koala

– «Surprise packidge» – Mix Master Mike

– «Miss Modular» – Stéréolab

– «Antenna» – Kraftwerk

– «Born never asked» – Laurie Andersen

Installations, Solo show