Derivatives series, 2001-02.

Derivatives series, 2001-02.

Ensemble of collages made with photographic residuals from the installation Volatile, (Volatile-volatile-Volatility exhibition, 2001), 2001-02.

In order of appearance:

Filter, 2002. Photographic collage, shiny carton, 270 x 185 cm.

Black Hole, 2002. Photographic collage, grey cardboard, glass, ø 105 cm.

An Eternal Golden Braid, 2002. Modular system, 30 meters aluminum chain, collage of 150 elements of photographic on shiny cardboard to be pinned on the chain. Variable dimension.

Volumes series, 2001. 12 photographic collages on vinyl records, grey cardboard cases, safety pins, 28 x 28 cm.