Titles series, 2002.

Titles #1 to #60 series, 2002.

Ensemble of 60 collages of stock exchange quotes (from Les Echos journal, 2001, year of the Nasdaq collapse), 40 x 60 cm.

3 were exhibited in 2007 in the group show International Time: New work of art by foreign artists, 78 Lyndhurst Way, London. Curator: Hannah Barry.

2 have been published in black and white by J. Schmidt et E. Notéris (editors) in J.G. Ballard, Hautes Altitudes with J.G. Ballard, Jacques Barberi, Bruce Begout, David Cronenberg, Rick McGrath, Rick Poynor, David Pringle, Luc Sante, Norman Spinrad and Bruce Sterling, Editions è®e, Paris, 2008.