Summer Stage Program, Parc de la Villette, Paris, 2003.

Summer Stage Program, 2003.

Parc de la Villette, Paris.

Curator: Frédéric Mazelly


Artists: Marco Berrettini, Alexandre Périgot, Gloria Friedmann, Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, Olga Mesa, Sylvain Prunenec, Célia Houdart, Benoît Lachambre.


Exhibited work: B-Flybubblefly, photographic performance in the public space (in front of the Geode), 1000 photos-postcards launched by 1000 helium balloons, soundtrack played during the launch (approx. 25 mn).

Correspondance return (in the following two months and from as far as Germany): 65 postcards with partial answers to the questions asked at the back.



Press release extract

Summer Stage is a new experimental and festive gathering in the public areas of the Parc de la Villette mixing visual art and performance, with dance, music and theater. Each artist is invited to play with the ephemeral and the spontaneous (even if their proposition might be the fruit of an elaborate work).

B-Fly-Bubblefly is a radically short and exhilarating step, almost an explosion, into the image lab of Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, which operates from large image banks used as samples if not as raw data, the values of which evolve according to the context and along the chain of reaction/creation orchestrated by the artist. In this episode, the environment, the wind and a “cloud” of hypothetical contributors enter the creative loop of her lab and expand the life of images.

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