Christiania, Over Gaden Art Center, Copenhagen, 2004.

Christiania group show, 2004.

Over Gaden Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Exhibited work: 2 photomontages Urban patchwork and Human patchwork, inkjet prints on mat paper, 60 x 80 cm.


Special event: Conception and animation of a round-table about possible artistic developments in the self-organized free-town of Christiania and how it can reconnect with Copenhagen cultural life (following a lab about the future of Christiania created by RBW in 2003 and awarded in 2004 in an idea competition organized by the Danish government). 


Guest participants: Henrik Plenge-Jacobsen (artist, Nicolaï Wallner Gallery), Thomas Poulsen a.k.a. FOS (artist, Christina Wilson Gallery), Jesper Elg (founder of V1 Gallery), Jonas HZ (event producer/music programmer), Sassie Barré (stylist at fashion magazine iii) and Maria Gerhardt a.k.a. DJ Djuna Barnes.

Group show, Photomontages