Paris Galaxies Action Shooting Lab #3, St Ouen, 2018

Paris Galaxies Action Shooting Lab #3

in collaboration with CASA93, in Docks neighborhood in St Ouen (92), 2017


Series of photomontages done with photographic materials coming from an action shooting performed with students at CASA93 (professional and social rehabilitation fashion school) in the Docks, a newly transformed neighborhood of St Ouen located near the school in the Greater Paris.


As the previous one, this Action Shooting Lab focused on the construction of individual, collective and urban identities, and how the students, all coming from the suburbs, can take awareness and ownership of the emerging Greater Paris region’s potentials in their future plans.


But this time, the workshop included a more elaborate staging of the public space in order to freely explore imaginary scripts, stories and future projections (including a styling research).

The only scenic prop students had was a simple chair, which in turn became a director’s or spectator’s chair, a platform for public speaking or acrobatics, a barricade element, an empty chair symbolizing political abandonment or hosting invisible beings, etc.

Action Shooting Lab