Action Shooting Lab, special project, 2015-19

Action Shooting Lab, special project, 2015-19.


Action Shooting Lab is a multidimensional research project exploring the collective photographic experience through live performances in the public space, and where cameras become protagonists.  Its disruptive approach to image design is an attempt to stake out a new theoretical territory between these fields.  Among many other references, the labs echoes and furthers William Burrough’s photographic shooting practice, which served as an experimental base for his cut-ups and writing.

In our case, the Action Shooting lab is way of addressing the construction of individual, collective and urban identities, of opening a space for emancipated future imaginaries, while playing with the ecology of attention and different levels of group awareness. The protocols followed by the participants oscillate between collective theoretical discussions and mindless experiments, and may include props such as a chair…

The resulting images are aggregated in an image bank that serves as a matrix for the creation of photomontages and the engineering of ideas and potential fictions.


2015: Action Shooting Lab #1 in Bobigny (Greater Paris), with a group of urban photography students, Paris College of Art. View photomontages and fiction experiment in Machination lab, published on (Literature and Photography platform).


2017: Paris Galaxies Action Shooting Lab, fictionally expands into a giant lab in a chapter of Paris Ars Universalis, Scénario-Fiction d’un Futur Grand Paris, R. Bidault-Waddington, Avant-Garde Collection, L’Harmattan publishing, Paris.

2017-18: Action Shooting Lab #2 et #3 in St Ouen (Greater Paris), with students of CASA93 (professional and social rehabilitation fashion school). + Paris Galaxies website.

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