« Cities Methodologies », Slade Research Center, Londres, 2013

Exposition collective et conférence « Cities Methodologies »

UCL Urban Laboratory, Slade Research Center, Londres, 2013.

Site de l’exposition et programme de conférences.


Comité curatorial : Wesley Aelbrecht, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture; Sabina Andron, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture; Dr Pushpa Arabindoo, UCL Geography; Dr Camillo Boano, UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit; Dr Ben Campkin, UCL Urban Laboratory; Dr Adam Drazin, UCL Anthropology; Dr Ger Duijzings, UCL School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies; Laura Hirst, UCL Urban Laboratory; Dr Caroline Newton, UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit; Kieren Reed, UCL Slade School of Fine Art, Dr Claire Thomson, UCL Scandinavian Studies (chair).


Avec : Luisa Alpahão – Architrope – Dana Ariel – Anchor and Magnet – Raphaële Biddault-Waddington – Anja Borowicz & Vanessa Maurice-Williams – Ben Campkin & Rebecca Ross – Max Colson – Richard Dennis, Carlos Galvix & Sam Merrill – Bernadette Devilat – Fugitive Images – Michael Hebbert – Hanna Hilbrandt, Anna Richter, Thomas Le Bas, Fiona McDermott, Nayeli Zimmermann, Jenny Baese  – William Hunter – isik.knutsdotter – Peter Ivanov, Yegor Korobeynikov, Yuriy Milevsky & Kristina Popova – Felipe Lanuza Rilling – Little Red Dots – MA Architectural History module, UCL: Theorising Practices/Practising Theory: Art, Architecture and Urbanism – MA Culture, Materials, Design, UCL – Material Museum – Ioana Marinescu & Tapio Snellman – Nela Milic – Gynna Millan, Juraj Rutsek & Matt Wood-Hill – Isis Nunez Ferrera – Hilary Powell – Harriet Poznansky – Screens in the Wild (UCL, University of Nottingham & the drawing shed) – Simson & Volley – Andrew Stevenson – Giorgio Talocci & Camillo Boano – Maider Uriarte & Luisa Alpalhão – Henrietta Williams.


Diagrammes inclus dans l’installation : Paris Galaxy conceptual model », « Paris Galaxies road map », « Le Ciel du Grand Paris », et « Polygon past-track ».

Site du lab Paris Galaxies : www.parisgalaxies.net


Extrait du dossier de presse :

In each gallery space visitors will be exposed to different methods of scrutinising the city and processes of urbanization, including practice-led research from art and architecture, ethnography, film-making, graphic design, soundscapes, photography, archival studies and performance.


Raphaële Bidault-Waddington – Paris Galaxies, A Vision for the Greater Paris : Starting from a design for Grand Paris, this is an experimental artistic and academic project which combines creative inputs and formats with transdisciplinary theoretical and critical thinking, organising them in a conceptual model of the urban galaxy in order to design a future strategy for the extended urban area.

Diagrammes, Group show, Installations