Crafting the Future with Art, is it not and Ideal?!

Artist, researcher, writer and futurist, Raphaële Bidault-Waddington envisions art as an active form of intelligence and a zone of experimentation that contributes to the world transformation (soft-power), while allowing to take distance, raise questions and explore future hypotheses and projections.

The artworks and exhibitions shown on this website represent the area of her research and creation ecosystem visible in the art sphere, and in which veins of iterative exploration entangle and evolve at various rhythms (laboratory principle).

They organize around formats and concepts such as the mental matter (meditative and pre-conscious drawings, abstract works), image architectures (photomontage, collage, installation, photographic performance in the public space, semiospace, datasphere, Republic of Images), knowledge aesthetics (diagram, performative installation, research-exhibition, theory-fiction, conference-performance) or else, speculation and the machination principle (idea engineering, fiction, laboratory strategies, scenario, imaginary complex, utopia).   


These exhibitions are complemented by numerous conferencespublications and workshops performed in the laboratories, all orchestrated by LIID Future Lab platform (+ dedicated website and sometime developed in collaboration with organizations in academic, urban and economic spheres in France and abroad.