The Future Eve, research capsule, 2021

The Future Eve

Performative et photographic research capsule, Paris, 2021


Performative and photographic research with photographer Myriam Tirler and performer Eve Bitoun in interaction with the conceptual planisphere “Toward Alien Cosmologies”, V5, 2021.


Toward Alien Cosmologies is one of RBW on-going art-based future lab.

The conceptual planisphere is part of the lab’s heuristic tools to address the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the future, and design a diversity of open future worlds.

The lab includes various research episodes or smaller capsules, such as this collaboration with Myriam Tirler and Eve Bitoun to open creative breaches in the process.

It is a nod  to past future fictions, such as L’Eve Future / The Future Eve, an early science-fiction novel by Villier de l’Isle Adam (1886), and to science-fiction film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott (1882) and its main android character (Rachel).

This relatively disoriented sequence telescopes past, present and future, and eventually who looks at or embodies the future (the performer, the diagram, the photographer, RBW or even the picture viewer).

Alien Cosmologies, Diagrams